The local
Coffee bar!

119 Banff Ave.
201 Banff Ave.
229 Bear St.

Banff, AB - Canada

(403) 762-0352

What gives its originality to a coffee if it is not its local taste?

evelyns-oneEvelyn’s Coffee Bar opened it’s first location in 1992 on 201 Banff Avenue and during the busy summer months it’s customers are lined up outside to purchase a coffee and freshly baked goods. In 1998 Evelyn’s Too opened in the Wolf & Bear Mall which has remained the local’s favorite since day one.

In 2004, Evelyn’s Again opened half a block from it’s 1st location and is as successful as the other 2 locations. In addition to our 3 locations our product line has also grown from simple whole bean coffee to specialty beverages and freshly baked goods and lunches. Evelyn’s Coffee Bar offers many things to locals and tourists alike. We are an experience that everyone remembers. Come and try our freshly baked goods- made from scratch and served with a smile!